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Submitted papers (including the title of the paper, authors’ names, the name of the organization, references and graphs) should not exceed 5 pages in Word format
Top and bottom margins – 2 cm, right margin – 1.5 cm, left margin – 3 cm.
Paragraph indentation: 1 cm
Type font for the whole paper: Times New Roman
The title in caps and bolded, centered, size 12, without hyphenation
Author’s name bolded (the surname of the presenter underlined).
Supervisor’s name (initials) and surname in italics in the next line under presenter’s name
The paper text, single spacing, size 12 for the text, justify, without hyphenation.
References in square brackets pointing out the first author’s name and the year of publication. The list of references in the alphabetic order.
Graphics should be produced separately from the paper text in jpg, bmp format.

Please submit the Registration Form with your proposal for papers by 20 March 2012 to the following website.

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